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Vegetable pakora

Cubes of mixed vegetable fried dumplings made with garbanzo bean flour and fine herbs


Paneer pakora (D)

Homemade cottage cheese fritters, made with slices of paneer dipped in garbanzo bean batter and deep-fried.


Chicken pakora

All white meat chicken cooked in clay oven, dipped in garbanzo bean batter & deep-fried.


Vegetable samosa (G)

All time Indian favorite snack made with Indian pastry sheet stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas. Folded into a cone and deep-fried


Aloo tikki chat (D)

Mildly spiced potato patties topped with garbanzo bean curry, yogurt, Mint chutney, tamarind sauce then garnished with chopped red onions, Cilantro and sev.


Vegetarian platter (D) (G)

A combination of our favorite appetizers served as one. Includes: Vegetable pakora, paneer pakora, aloo tikki and samosa


Samosa chat (D) (G)

Two pieces of samosa topped with garbanzo bean curry, yogurt, mint, Tamarind sauce and garnished with red onion, cilantro and sev.


Fish pakora

Marinated fillet of white fish dipped in garbanzo bean batter and Deep-fried


Soups and salads

Lentil soup

Three types of different lentils cooked in mild spices and flavored with ginger and curry leaves.



Indian national soup made with white meat chicken, chicken stock, Red lentils and rich seasoning, enhanced with special madras curry powder.


Cucumber salad

Fresh organic cucumber tossed in Indian style lemon dressing


Spinach salad

Fresh baby spinach and cherry tomatoes tossed with house dressing.


Mixed green salad

Fresh garden green vegetables.



Vegetarian Specialties

Dal makhani (D)

Black urad dal and kidney beans simmered in creamy herb sauce for at least 12 hours.


Channa masala (D)

Garbanzo beans tempered in special herb sauce.


Aloo ghobi (D)

Potatoes and cauliflower stir-fry with red onions and tomatoes. Flavored with mustard seeds and curry leaves


Baingan bhartha

Roasted eggplant in a clay oven, sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and fresh green peas. Flavored with fennel seeds and mint.


Palak chana (D)

Creamy spinach and garbanzo beans cooked with dry fenugreek leaves and delicately seasoned with herbs and spices.


Farm Fresh vegetable (D)

Assorted vegetables cooked in ginger, garlic and creamy tomato sauce. Flavored with special Jaipur spice mix


Matar paneer (D)

Homemade cottage cheese and fresh green peas cooked in rich onion-tomato sauce


Mushroom matar (D)

White button mushrooms and green peas cooked together with mildly spiced onion sauce


Navratan Korma (D)

Nine-gem curry, consists of fruit, vegetables and nuts simmered in a mildly spiced creamy cashew sauce.


Malai Kofta (D)

Deep fried rounds of vegetables, paneer and nuts. Flavored with cardamom and simmered in a mildly spiced creamy butter sauce.


Saag Paneer (D)

Cubes of deep fried cottage cheese cooked in creamy green leafy vegetable sauce. Consists of spinach, mustard leaves and collard greens


Vegetable Jalfreazy (D)

Stir-fried mixed vegetables with a touch of spicy onion-tomato sauce and a hint of our chefs special Jalfreazy spice mix.


Gobhi Manchurian (G)

Adopted from indo-Chinese cuisine, batter fried cauliflower flowerets tossed in our house special sweet, tangy and spicy Manchurian sauce


Paneer butter masala (D)

cubes of homemade cottage cheese simmered in rich creamy honey-butter sauce


Paneer bhurji (D)

A Crumbled cottage cheese and green peas tossed with onion, tomato, ginger and garlic. Flavored with mustard seeds and curry leaves


Kadhai paneer (D)

Home made cheese, onions & bell peppers cooked in chef’s special kadhai masala.


Chicken specialties

Chicken curry (D)

Tender pieces of chicken cooked in mildly spiced onion-tomato sauce.


Chicken vindaloo (G)

Traditional Goan chicken curry preparation, chicken and potato marinated in red wine vinegar and cooked in a very spicy chili-tomato sauce.


Chicken coconut

Chicken simmered in creamy coconut sauce made with coconut milk, desiccated coconut and enhanced with madras curry powder.


Chicken saag (D)

Chicken cooked in mildly spiced spinach and mustard leaf puree


Chilly chicken (G)

Fusion of Indo-Chinese flavor, batter fried chicken strips sautéed with onion and bell peppers in spicy chili sauce. Garnished with cilantro and spring onion.


Mango chicken

A children’s favorite, chicken cooked in special mango sauce.


Karahi chicken (D)

Chicken cooked in medium spicy onion sauce tossed with onions, bell peppers, ginger and our house special karahi spice mix.


Chicken Korma (D)

Chicken cooked in rich, creamy, mildly spiced cashew sauce. Traditionally it was only prepared for the royal family in India.


Butter chicken (D)

All time favorite north Indian chicken preparation. Boneless tandoori chicken cooked in rich, creamy tomato-butter sauce. Flavored with cardamom.


Chicken Jalfreazy (D)

Tender pieces of chicken sautéed with onions and bell peppers in our chef’s special jalfreazy spice masala.


Chicken tikka masala (D)

House speciality: Marinated cubes of chicken cooked in clay oven and then simmered in our house special tikka sauce. Garnished with cashew.



Lamb specialties

Lamb curry (D)

A classic lamb preparation, lamb cooked in traditional onion-tomato sauce. Flavored with nutmeg.


Lamb vindaloo (G)

Goan speciality lamb preparation, lamb and potato marinated in red wine vinegar and spices cooked in very spicy chili-tomato sauce.


Rogan Josh (D)

Regional favorite Kashmiri lamb preparation. Lamb cooked in traditional spicy onion sauce with yoghurt and saffron.


Karahi Lamb (D)

Lamb cooked in the chef’s special karahi masala with onions, bell peppers and ginger.


Lamb korma (D)

Juicy lamb simmered in unique onion cashew sauce. Flavored with cardamom & fenugreek.


Lamb saag

Lamb simmered in special green gravy made with mustard leaf, collard greens and spinach. Flavored with roasted cumin and ginger.


Lamb boti kebab masala (D)

Succulent pieces of lamb marinated in yoghurt and tandoori spices. Cooked in a clay oven and simmered in special tomato-butter sauce.


Lamb tikka masala (D)

Marinated lamb cooked in a clay oven and simmered in our house special tikka sauce.


Seafood specialties

Shrimp curry (D)

Shrimp cooked in traditional onion-tomato gravy flavored with mustard seeds, fennel.


Shrimp vindaloo (G)

Marinated shrimp and potatoes in red wine vinegar cooked in special Goan sauce made with red chili paste and tomato.


Shrimp saag (D)

Shrimp simmered in special green leafy vegetable sauce made with mustard leaf, collard greens and spinach.


Garlic shrimp curry (D)

Shrimp cooked in special pan-fried garlic tomato sauce.


Shrimp coconut (D)

Shrimp cooked in coconut sauce featuring coconut milk, desiccated coconut and madras curry powder.


Fish curry

White fish cooked in traditional onion-tomato gravy.


Shrimp korma (D)

Shrimp simmered in unique onion cashew sauce finished with hint of cardamom.


Fish Korma (D)

Fish simmered unique onion cashew saouce.


Fish coconut (D)

Fish cooked in creamy coconut sauce made with coconut milk and tomato flavored with madras curry powder.


Goan fish curry (D)

Fish cooked in special Goan curry sauce featured with coconut milk and tamarind then tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.


fish tikka masala (D)

fish cooked in house special tikka masala sauce.


Sea food kurma (D)

Fish and shrimp simmered together in cashew sauce.


Tandoori specialties

Paneer tikka kebab (D)

Homemade cottage cheese cubes, onions and bell peppers marinated in greek yoghurt, tandoori spice, mango pickle and fresh dill. Cooked in clay oven.


Chicken tikka kebab (D)

Succulent boneless white meat chicken marinated in yoghurt based tandoori masala with mustard oil cooked in tandoor.


Seekh kebab (D)

Minced lamb blended with mint leaves, ginger and tandoori spice mix. Cooked in clay oven and served sausage style.


Tandoori chicken

All dark meat chicken marinated in yoghurt, mustard oil and tandoori masala.


Half tandoori chicken bone in



Lamb boti kebab (D)

Juicy boneless lamb marinated with our chef special boti spice mix overnight and cooked in clay oven.


Tandoori shrimp (D)

Jumbo prawns marinated in yoghurt, English mustard and tandoori masala.


Tandoori fish (D)

White fish marinated in lemon juice, English mustard & tandoori masala.


Tandoori mix grill (D)

A combination of our favorite tandoori specials. (Consist of Chicken Tikka, Seekh kebab, Tandoori chicken & Shrimp).


NOTE: All tandoori items served on hot sizzlers & served with rice or plain Naan (except half tandoori chicken)


Naan(G)and Rice

Plain naan (D)

soft flat bread baked in tandoor.


Garlic naan (D)

baked with garlic.


Basil garlic naan (D)

Baked with garlic and dry basil.


Tandoori roti

Basic unleavened whole wheat flat bread.


Onion kulcha (D)

Stuffed with onion,mint leaves & cilantro.


Plain paratha (D)

flakey whole wheat flat bread.



puffed whole wheat bread, deep fried.


Aloo parantha (D)

Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced potatoes & mint.


Gobi parantha (D)

Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced cauliflower & mint.


Goat cheese naan

Stuffed with goat cheese and Mint leaves.


Kashmiri naan (D)

stuffed with fruit, nuts and coconut


Shahi naan (D)

Stuffed with homemade cottage cheeseand nuts.


Murg naan (D)

chefs special stuffed with chicken.


Keema naan (D)

stuffed with minced lamb, onion And mint leaves.


Assorted naan (D)

combination basket of plain, Garlic & onion kulcha.


Rice preparations

Basmati rice



Brown basmati rice



Dum Biryani (D)

Your choice of vegetable, chicken or lamb cooked individually with layering of aromatic long grain basmati rice. Individually sealed with pastry sheets and cooked in the way of Dum style (pressure style cooking).















Desserts and Beverages


Kheer (D)

Indian rice pudding garnished with nuts


Gulab Jamun (D)

Milk and cottage cheese balls deep-fried, Served in condensed milk sauce flavored with saffron and cardamom


Mango kulfi (D)

Indian style mango ice-cream.


Pista kulfi (D)

Indian style pistachio ice-cream


Mango sundae

Mango kulfi topped with ice cream & Whipped




MOrange, Apple and Cranberry


Soft drinks

Coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Root beer, Dr pepper.


Masala chai

Imported Assam tea with aromatic herbs.


Indian coffee (D)

made with real coffee & whole milk


Mango lassi (D)

Yoghurt based mango smoothie scented with rose water.


Indian ice tea

Indian spiced black tea served ice cold


Milk shake (D)

mango, vanilla, pistachio


Sparkling water large



Sparkling water small



Side orders

Mixed pickle

Home made hot & spicy blend of Pickled vegetables



Thin crispy lentil wafer


Mint chutney (D)

Mint blended with onion, ginger & cilantro.


Tamarind chutney

Sweet and tangy tamarind sauce Cooked with dates


Mango chutney

raw mango pickled in sweet & spicy sauce.


911 hot sauce

four types of chili peppers cooked with Herbs & spice


Raita (D)

Yoghurt mixed with finely chopped vegetables


Onion slice / green chili / lemon


Lunch specials
Timings: 12:00 to 3:00pm
South Indian Specialty


Thick rice pancake served with your choice of topping. Served with coconut chutney & sambhar.





Onion & tomatoes




(top with scrambled cottage cheese)



(top with coconut sauce)



Crispy rice crepe served with coconut chutney & sambhar (Sweet &tangy lentil soup)






(served with potato sabji)


Plain Mysoor



Masala Mysoor

flavored with ginger & carry leaves


Plain egg dosa



Egg masala dosa



Cut dosa

(served with potato & cut in to pieces)


Paneer dosa

(stuffed with scrambled cottage cheese)


NOTE: Extra sambhar or chutney - $2 each


A Thali is a way of serving Indian meal with well-balanced dishes that Include rice, dal, vegetables, flat bread, raita, mixed pickle, papadam, And sweet dish

Vegetarian thali



Chicken thali



Lamb thali



















Henri marcel brut French sparkling



Sula (brut rose of India)






KendalJackson (chardonnay)


glass $9, Btl $32

Sonoma cutter (chardonnay)


glass $12, Btl $45

Navarro (chardonnay)


glass $11, Btl $38

Trail head (sauvignonBlanc)


glass $10, Btl $35

Indian Sula (sauvignon Blanc)


glass $10, Btl $35

Kim CrawfordMarlborough (sauvignon Blanc)


glass $10, Btl $35

Honig, Napa valley (sauvignon Blanc)


glass $11, Btl $38




Sula Indian (Riesling)


glass $9, Btl $32

Egret, Lodi (rose of Grenache)


glass $10, Btl $35

Navarro (rose)


glass$10,Btl $35

Organic Wines


Madonna chardonnay (Carneros)


glass $12,Btl $45

Blue Quail (dry Gewurztraminer)


glass $12,Btl $45

Blue Quail pinot noir (potter valley)


glass $14,Btl $45

Corkage fee (per bottle)



Misc. Reds


Crooked path (Zinfandel)


glass $12, Btl $45

Highway12 glass


$10, Bt1 $35

Red Wine



Goyette(pinot noir)


glass $10, Btl $35

A to z (pinot noir)


glass $11, Btl $38

Navarro (pinot noir)


glass $12, Btl $45

Egret (pinot noir)


glass $11, Bt1 $38

St Francis (merlot)


glass $12, Btl $45

Markham (merlot)


glass $13, Btl $48

Kenwood (merlot)


glass $9, Btl $32

Chateau Ste.michelle (cabernet sauvignon)


glass $10, Bt1 $35

Simi (cabernet sauvignon)


glass $10,Bt1 $35




Taj Mahal (large/small)



Golden eagle (large)



Flying horse



Sierra Nevada(pale ale)






Anchor steam



Lagunitas IPA



Red bridge (Gluten free)



St. Pauli(nonalcoholic)



Guinness stout



Stella Artois



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